Thank You

We would like to thank the following people, groups and companies for donating their services to the Gnoppix Linux project:

Thank you

Noël Koethe

Thank you Noël who sponsored the Gnoppix domains.

Kurt Pfeifle

Thank you Kurt, for all the work you did to make CUPS what it is today.

James Strandboge

Thank you James, for providing the GNOME backport for Debian GNU/Linux Woody.

Ralf Nolden

Thank you Ralf, for providing lots of backported packages, and being my KDE Handbook.

Sven Herzberg

Thank you Sven, for user support and bug tracking


Thanks to Hanna sponsor Gnoppix with secure Email hosting.


Thanks to Telefonica which hosted our primary mirror in the past.


Thanks to Sourceforge which is hosting our image as primary server.


Thanks to Atlassian for sponsoring team collaboration software.


Thanks to Microsoft/GitHub provide us git and basic web hosting environment


Thanks to Cloudflare provide us a CDN, DNS and Load balancing with smart routing


Thanks to the GNU project for savannah, a development platform for free software.


Thanks to the GNOME project for providing a high-quality, stable and easily usable desktop environment.

Kali Linux

Thanks to Jim O’Gorman/ elwood to allow us to use Kali’s Software repositories.


Thanks to the Debian project for providing a stable and robust Distribution which makes GNOPPIX really stable and robust too.

Klaus Knopper

Thank you Klaus, for Knoppix.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Zulkif Saltik for his amazing artwork


Lots of other people…. this place is to say thank you to anyone else who has contributed lots of stuff