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Gnoppix Volunteer Program

There are many ways to get involved with Gnoppix. No effort is too small and whatever you contribute to the community will be appreciated. Please read on to find out how you can help Gnoppix.

By email

By Webform

Volunteer as a software developer

There is many projects that require different programing languages skills. Head to Gnoppix GitLab pick the software you want to work in create a account, explain what project you want to help with on account creation and read sending PR’s. If you have some interesting software you have done that you want to be part of Gnoppix get in touch with us on Discord .

Volunteer on Social Media

We have already started reaching out and partnering with other local organizations within our area; however, we are looking for a online social media/fundraiser volunteers that can bring their skills to our organization to help us grow.

Volunteer as a community tester

Community testers, review updates within the branches and report issues. Have a look at community testers and reporting bugs.

Volunteer as a Web Designer

Volunteering your design skills is a powerful way to give back. Even better, having pro bono consulting on your resume will help you stand out to future.

Volunteer as a Translator

Translations will allow more people around the world to use Gnoppix. Help out with your language skills

Internship as a part of your university praxis semester

As an integral part of your studies, the practical semester must be successfully completed before you can be admitted to the sixth semester. Please contact us and lets see if we can help you with it.

You want to volunteer as something else we have not covered

Head to the Gnoppix Discord and say hello to everyone, just don't be shy or just drop us a email.