Gnoppix 24.3.15 - Release Notes

This release of Gnoppix brings a variety of improvements and bug fixes, including new features, updated components, and security enhancements.

Gnoppix AI

  • Gnoppix AI Installer V 1.2.0: This update brings more AI apps to explore and includes an auto-update feature for the installer itself.

Desktop Environment

  • Bugfixes and Theme Updates: Gnoppix Desktop has received various bug fixes and theme updates, including Gnoppix Welcome 24.25 for XFCE/LXDE desktops.

  • Removed xterm: As part of a desktop cleanup effort, xterm has been removed since xfce-terminal is already available.

New Applications

  • Initial Webapps 1.3.6: This new application allows you to launch websites as desktop apps and create app shortcuts for websites like Discord or iNotes

  • Gnoppix Tweak: A new UI tool for customizing your desktop experience, including the ability to create backups of your customizations.

  • Gnoppix Locale: Change your system language easily with this new UI tool.

  • Gnoppix Updater: Keep your system up-to-date with a single click using this new updater tool.

  • Gnoppix Network: Configure your network adapter settings through this user-friendly interface.

  • Gnoppix Time: View different time zones and synchronize your system time with this new tool.

  • Gnoppix Info: Parse system logs for troubleshooting purposes using this informative tool.

Other Improvements

  • FileZilla has been added as a default application for file upload and download tasks.

  • Workrave: Take breaks and stay healthy with the new Workrave application, which provides reminders for taking breaks.

  • Gnoppix Tools Integration: The new UI tools mentioned above are conveniently integrated into the gnoppix-tools package.

  • "Wrong Root Password" Dialog Fix: Improvements have been made to address issues with the "wrong root password" dialogs.

  • rsyslog for Backwards Compatibility: Rsyslog has been implemented for improved backward compatibility.


  • Security Fix for xbottles (CVE-2024-27454): A security vulnerability in xbottles has been addressed. (xbottles is our windows emulator (wine) to run Windows application and Games under Linux)

Gnoppix Welcome

  • Gnoppix Welcome Dialog: A new dialog box allows you to choose whether to disable or re-enable Gnoppix Welcome at startup.

Kernel Update

  • Linux Kernel 6.7.7 (Gnoppix devel): Gnoppix developers now have access to the latest Linux kernel version 6.7.7.

GPT4all Update

  • GPT4all - v2.7.2: This update brings support for model discovery/search via huggingface, improved GPU acceleration for more model architectures, various bug fixes, and new features including:

    • Minp sampling parameter

    • Bert layer norm epsilon value

    • Fix for blank lines between reply and next prompt

Live Updates:

All the changes introduced in Gnoppix 24.3.15 are available for existing users through live updates. This means you can easily upgrade your system without having to download and install a new ISO image.

Upgrade Path:

Existing Gnoppix users can upgrade to 24.3.15 through the built-in package manager. We recommend backing up your important data before performing any upgrades.

We encourage you to download Gnoppix 24.3.15 and experience the improvements for yourself. As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions to the Gnoppix project.

We hope you enjoy this latest update to Gnoppix!

Gnoppix Member Download

Download  - Public Download will be available on Sourceforge on April 2, 2024


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