Gnoppix 24.5.15


Gnoppix 24.5.15 Release Notes

Introducing Next-Gen Search and Enhanced Creativity Tools

We're excited to announce the release of Gnoppix 24.5.15, packed with innovative features designed to elevate your search experience and unleash your creative potential.

Introducing the LXDE Desktop Beta

  • The wait is over! We're thrilled to announce the public beta of our LXDE desktop environment, spearheaded by our esteemed member 'mackblaze'. This lightweight desktop option provides a smooth and efficient user experience.

  • Join the beta and share your feedback! We encourage you to actively participate in the beta testing process and report any findings, suggestions, or words of praise to 'mackblaze'.

Search Reimagined with

  • Say goodbye to traditional search engines. We've integrated a powerful next-gen search powered by, providing AI-driven results that are more relevant and insightful than ever before.

  • Introducing yay: A new command-line interface (CLI) tool, yay, makes it easy to leverage the capabilities of directly from your terminal.

XFCE Appearance Switcher and Backup for a Personalized Desktop

  • Transform your desktop with ease. The all-new appearance switcher allows you to effortlessly switch between various desktop themes, including Windows-inspired, macOS-inspired, and Ubuntu-inspired styles.

  • Tweak with confidence. The appearance switcher also functions as a backup tool, ensuring you can revert to your previous settings if you're not happy with your customization. You can find more information about the appearance switcher on GitHub.

Gnoppix GPT2 V 1.25: Take Your Conversations and Video Interactions to the Next Level


OpenUI V. 24.5: Design UIs and Websites with the Power of AI

  • ** Unleash your inner designer.** OpenUI V. 24.5 is a groundbreaking AI tool that helps you create user interfaces (UIs) or just a website with minimal effort. Simply prompt what you would like to have. or just upload a screenshot, sketch, or any image, and OpenUI will generate the corresponding UI elements, forms, or a complete website based on your input.

We're confident that Gnoppix 24.5.15 empowers you to explore information, express your creativity, and personalize your desktop environment in groundbreaking ways. Let's embark on this journey of innovation together!

Live Updates:

All the changes introduced in Gnoppix 24.5.15 are available for existing users through live updates. This means you can easily upgrade your system without having to download and install a new ISO image.

Upgrade Path:

Existing Gnoppix users can upgrade to 24.5.15 through the built-in package manager. As always we recommend backing up your important data before performing any upgrades, even if it bullet prove tested.

We encourage you to download Gnoppix 24.5.15 and experience the improvements for yourself. As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions to the Gnoppix project.


We hope you enjoy this latest update to Gnoppix!

Gnoppix Member Download

Download Download Links  - Public Download will be available on Sourceforge on June 5th. , 2024



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